Major & Minor

No Experience Needed
Many students feel that they need some background before they take their first CS class (EECS 183). This is NOT the case. In our introductory course, 96% of the students have very little to no experience at all. Two-thirds of the students have never seen a line of code. The rest of that 96% say they have seen code but have written none. If you are part of that 96% and want to find out what computing is all about, take the Intro course (EECS 183), change your life, and perhaps fall in love with computing!

Do you have previous programming experience?  Please use our flowchart to determine which course, EECS 183 or EECS 280, is appropriate for you to enroll in at U-M.

Major in Computer Science

Gain the knowledge to solve big problems in new ways! With a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, you’ll be ready to make an impact in health care, entertainment, business, the performing arts, education, transportation, the environment — or virtually any other part of your world. Completing a major in CS generally requires about five prerequisite courses and nine program courses.

For more detailed information, see our CS-LSA Major Program Guide (pdf).

Major in Computer Science with Honors

The Honors Program in Computer Science is open to LSA students completing the Computer Science B.S. degree program.  You can earn an Honors degree in Computer Science without having been enrolled in the LSA Honors Program in your freshman or sophomore years.  Students are responsible for finding a faculty mentor whose research area aligns with the student’s interest and who is willing to oversee the thesis project.  The requirements are:

  • 3.2 or higher GPA in Math 115, Math 116, EECS 203, and EECS 280
  • 3.5 or higher GPA in the CS-LSA Major
  • Must complete a CS thesis course (EECS 443), write an original thesis that is evaluated and deemed worthy of honors as well as give an oral presentation
  • 3.4 or higher overall U-M cumulative GPA at the time of graduation

Please see the CS-LSA “with Honors” Information for more detailed information.

Minor in Computer Science

Gaining a minor in Computer Science is a smart way to broaden your horizons and make yourself more marketable to employers. As a Computer Science Minor, you are welcome (and encouraged) to visit with your CS-LSA Minor Advisor each semester.

For more detailed information, see our CS Minor Program Guide (pdf).