Have questions about the CS major or minor?
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If you’ve got questions regarding basic program requirements, just click on the questions below to get answers to questions we hear frequently.

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  • How many credits do I need?

    This varies somewhat depending upon the track you select, but the minimum numbers of credis required are:

    • Prerequisite: 20 credits
    • Major: 35 credits
  • How many classes will I take?

    This varies somewhat depending upon the track you select, but the minimum number of classes is generally:

    • Prerequisite: 5 classes
    • Major: 9 classes
  • I have already taken courses in computing. Can I take EECS 280 without taking EECS 183/ENGR 101?

    Students with formal coursework in computer programming can request permission to directly enroll in EECS 280 using the web form here. Note that to apply for permission will require the completion of a programming project in C++ through the diagnostic linked on the form.

  • How many semesters does it take to finish?

    The shortest time is the same as the average time:

    • 2 semesters for prerequisite
    • 3 semesters for major
  • Can other majors or minors be taken in conjunction with CS?

    • Yes: Many students pair a CS Major with Mathematics, Biology, Economics, Statistics, Business, and Physics concentrations, to mention a few.
    • Minors are extremely varied with both:
      • CS Majors minoring in other disciplines and
      • Other Majors minoring in CS
  • I don’t know the first thing about computing, is that an issue?

    NO: This only makes you normal.

    Ninety-six percent of students in our EECS 183 course have NO computing background or very little – they have seen but have not written code. We start at the very beginning and cover it one step at a time.

  • Do I ever get to use my language requirement?

    YES: Many companies are international and an appreciation of other cultures is always a benefit. People appreciate it when you say “Hello” and chat in their native tongue, regardless of whether they are you customers, team members, bosses, or investors.