Careers & Internships

Computer Science Graduates Have Plenty of Reasons to Celebrate.

In an age where computing intersects with almost every other discipline, computer scientists are in demand and have the potential for enormous societal impact.

Full-time employment

U-M Computer Science Graduates Get Great Jobs. Graduates from our program are highly valued. According to the Engineering Career Resource Center’s Annual Report (pdf), starting median annual salaries in 2014 were:

  • $85,000 (with Bachelor’s)
  • $101,500 (with Master’s)

Michigan CS Graduates are Highly Sought After. According to the ECRC, 61% of companies at our job fairs are looking for Computer Science students. Many U-M graduates receive multiple job offers as they interview prior to graduation.

Where Our Graduates Go. Michigan CS students are recruited by companies from a broad range of industries and economic sectors – not just the tech sector. This includes:

  • Health Care
  • Finance
  • Performing Arts
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Environmental
  • Electronics

For a partial list of recently hiring companies, click here.

Internships and Co-ops

Many companies hire students for internships upon completion of EECS 281. Since CS graduates are in great demand, many companies believe in getting potential hires into their company very early.

When looking for that perfect internship, co-op, or permanent job, your first step should always be to check in with the Engineering Career Resource Center to review internship listings. Note: Although run by the College of Engineering, you have access to the ECRC as soon as you declare CS-LSA as your major. The ECRC will assist with your search and interviews including resume review and interview pointers.

Internships: Hear It From the Students

Computer science students have lots of options, and a well-paying internship is just one. In this video, four CS students talk about their internships and how that experience helped to shape their thoughts about computer science.

Who’s Hiring CS Grads?

Some of our graduates go to the coasts and some stay in the area. Here is a partial list of some of the companies who have recently hired Michigan CS graduates.

2K Sports
Apple Inc.
Arbor Networks
Are You A Human?
Autodesk, Inc.
Barclays Capital
Barracuda Networks
Cardinal Health
Cisco Systems
Dow Chemical USA
DRW Trading Group
Duo Security
Electronic Arts (EA)
eyeWyre Software Studios
Ford Motor Company
General Electric
Hewlett Packard
Intel Corporation
Intrepid Control Systems
JP Morgan Chase
Lockheed Martin
McKinsey & Company
Microsoft Corporation
Morningstar, Inc.
New World Systems
Orbitz Worldwide
PEAK6 Investment L.P.
Sega of Japan
Tecore, Inc
University of Michigan
US Air Force
. . . and many others


CS alums Dug Song and Jon Oberheide started Duo Security, a growing software security company.

Computer science students are uniquely empowered to launch new ventures with the potential to transform industries and lives. You’ll find student groups and campus resources that can help get your startup off the ground, including the Center for Entrepreneurship, the TechArb incubator, and MPowered. A CS degree, the connections you develop at U-M, and the assistance offered through these programs all help you in realizing your dream.

Here’s a short list of CS alumni who have started their own companies:

Graduate School

While many other LSA majors generally require that you obtain a graduate degree before entering the workforce in your chosen field, you only need a B.S./B.A. in Computer Science for professional level entry into the workforce. Ninety percent of our graduates join companies while holding a B.S. alone.

Our B.S./B.A. graduates have also been accepted into graduate studies at law schools, MBA programs, and computer science programs across the country from MIT to U-M to Berkley and many in between.